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Bodybuilding supplements number in the thousands. However, the most important one of all, based on published scientific research, is HMB. Out of all the HMB products available, HMB Plus is the best. Here is why.


HMB Plus by Pure Encapsulations


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Boost HMB muscle building supplements for youth and senior fitness. See: Mix Your Own Bodybuilding Supplements Formula.

With the best of the best bodybuilding supplements,

Dr. D

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  1. by Mike Streib


    Dr. Clark,

    I have a question. Assuming that you use HMB Plus and it has creatine in it but no glucose (as per the label)…do you add glucose (corn sugar) when you use it to enhance the absorption of the creatine (as per your article on Mix Your Own Bodybuilding Supplements Formula).


    Mike Streib

  2. by FitScientist


    Hi, Mike:

    Great question. Yes, indeed, I add glucose to my mix. I want to make sure that it is in the ratio of 4-5 grams glucose for every gram of creatine, regardless of the form of creatine.

    All the best,

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